Exercise: 7km Walk – Lilydale Lake

Wow, another lot of exercise today 😯

Hubby asked me late this afternoon if I wanted to join him in a walk around the Lake. The question was asked just as I was raising the glass of champers that I’d just poured to my lips 🙄

Decisions, decisions!!

Of course I couldn’t say no could I? So I put my bottle of champers back in the fridge, got the meal I was preparing ready to the point that I just had to chuck it all in the saucepan, and then out the door we headed!!

The weather was looking a little ominous as we were driving to the lake, but luckily it held off. It was really windy though, especially coming along the back of the lake.

This photo shows some of the clouds in the distance.

Did everyone watch Australian Idol? I hate that you have to watch nearly 2 hours of crap before they actually announce the winner. Luckily there was good viewing on some of the other channels so we could flick around.

YAY for Wes, he really deserved to win 😀

Anyone who’s been out shopping recently, can you tell that Christmas is coming? How busy is it already? I keep saying that I’m going to do my Xmas shopping for next year in this year’s January sales, but I forget so am forced to race around and buy presents along with the crowds…..I hate crowds 😡