Exercise: 9.5km Run – MMCT (8’s)

Well after yesterdays torrential rain, I was dreading what the weather was going to be like this morning, especially as I woke up a couple of times during the night and heard the rain 😯

How happy was I when I got up to check out the weather radar and see that there was absolutely no rain heading our way 😀

I met Corrie at the normal meeting point and we ran, with Buster the Wonder Dog, to meet up with Michelle, who was running down to MMCT from Marks place.

I’d dressed for cold weather (naturally), so I was quite surprised by how quickly I warmed up and the gloves came off and the arm warmers were pushed down to the wrists very quickly.

A nice chatty run (well I hadn’t seen Michelle for 2 weeks so there was alot to catch up on), which meant that the time passed by very quicly. Originally I was going to run for 20km, but when we got back to the cars after the first lap, Michelle’s knee was playing up (even though she wouldn’t actually tell us, we had to wrestle that info out of her) so I was happy to stop there.

My mobile phone contract is almost up, and what great timing as I want to get one of these phones.

As alot of you know, I use the camera on my mobile phone alot, so this one is perfect. I’ll get even better photos now, without having to cart a camera and my phone with me. I may even pay the extra to change over right now (I’m going with a different provider) 🙄

Oh yeah, GO WES!!! I love the song he’ll bring out if he wins tonight (just hope it’s remixed into a dance version so that I can run to it!!).

Okay, I’m off now to buy a new kettle (don’t ask!!!) 🙄