Exercise: 21 Minute workout

Yes, today I started the 21 minute workout!

And tomorrow I will not be able to walk properly, due to all the squats, squat jumps and lunges that I did 😯

I am still going to get up and go for my 30  minute walk around the block, but it will probably be more walking than running!

I went and saw the Jack Reacher movie this afternoon with my bestie Michelle.  I made sure that I re-read the book a couple of weeks ago so that I knew what was really happening in the movie.    Well, what a pointless exercise that was, as the movie was so far removed from the book that I may as well have been watching an entirely different show!  And Tom Cruise…..nah, he’s just not Jack Reacher 😐

Going to be a very hot day tomorrow and I am considering going to hot yoga…….maybe not a great choice, but we shall see 🙂