Exercise: Karate/21 minute workout

Well that was a crap nights sleep.  Just couldn’t get comfortable and I kept on waking up, looking at the clock, falling asleep, waking up, looking at the clock.  Must have woken up at least 4 or 5 times.  Very frustrating 😡

So when the alarm went off at 6am my brain said NO WAY!  I didn’t go back to sleep but I certainly didn’t get out of bed for another half an hour or so.

Back to karate tonight.  My hips are going to be sore tomorrow.  We did alot of work on hips and gearing (karate term).

When I got home, I felt inspired to do Day 2 of my 21 minute program.  The program calls for me to do an 8/12 workout using either jump squats, lunge jumps or climbers.

I started with climbers, moved on to jump squats when I got tired, and then on to lunge jumps when I was tiring of the jump squats.  Worked well for me, and I was certainly hot and sweaty when I finished.  In total I did 63 rounds 😯

Think I’m going to sleep well tonight 😀