Exercise: 7km Run – Local Streets (8’s Blue)

I’ve decided that I want to work from home 🙄

I need to complete some really big spreadsheets for work and asked if I could do it from home as it’s so much easier to concentrate without any disturbances.

It also meant that I could get up at a decent hour of the morning (6.30am) and go for a run. Yep, definitely want to work from home if it means having the motivation to get out of bed and run 😀

The only downfall of working from home today is that I’d forgotten that we were getting our big gum tree cut down. Not too much of a problem I thought, as it’s at the bottom of the garden and I wouldn’t be disturbed…..WRONG!! The truck and the machine they use to chip all the wood is sitting directly outside the window next to the computer, so I’ve had to plug my MP3 in and turn it up really loud to drown out the noise outside 😡

I think it might have been quieter to go into work and just close my office door so nobody disturbed me 🙄

I’ll post up some photos soon of the tree in different stages of destruction!!