Exercise: Karate

Okay, so I really need to put some more time and effort into remembering combinations and katas.

We went through all our combinations and there were so many that I couldn’t remember.  And I need to know these for my grading.

Note to self: Pull your finger out and do more training at home!!

Exercise: Hot Yoga

I haven’t been to hot yoga for a while, so it was good to get back there and do a class.

My body really needed a good stretch, and boy did it get it tonight!  Lots of sweat, lots of stretching. Perfect!

Exercise: 10km Walk

Met up with TW Michelle this morning to do our normal circuit around home.  It was great catching up with Michelle as I haven’t seen her since before Xmas.

My calves were feeling a bit tender from yesterdays karate trainimg, but it felt good to stretch them out.

Weather was perfect, and the 10km flew by as we had so much to catch up on!

Exercise: Karate training

Okay so I’ve got alot of work to do with my sparring.

Went over to another dojo today to do some kumite training.  It was SO hard.  I am just not fit enough, and it really showed today.

Loved the class though, and it was great training with people other than from my own dojo.

Will do this on a regular basis now as it can only help my karate 😀

Exercise: Karate

Yes, it’s been a few days, in which there was no exercise either.

Back to karate tonight.  I’m really enjoying my karate at the moment.  The only thing I’m not enjoying is the thought of my next grading, which is looming just over the horizon!  Lots of work to do, that’s for sure 😯

It was hot, hot, hot tonight though, so lots of sweating!

Exercise: Karate Training, 5km Run

Met a few other karate people over at Croydon Park this morning for some boxing training!  It was fun, and I seriously needed it!

Raced over to McDonalds to meet Amber for a run.  It was a nice easy run along MMCT.  We had lots to chat up on and the 5km went past very quickly!

We’re going to Sydney next month to do the 5km Colour Run.  Going to be a laugh!

Exercise: Karate/21 minute workout

Yesterday was a write off.  Just didn’t feel like exercising at all.

I had set my alarm for 6am this morning, but turned it off and slept for another 1/2 hour.  Not a good start to the day 😦

Karate tonight.  As we train in a hall there is no air conditioning so it was a bit muggy and sweaty.  Luckily we were doing kata for the first 30 minutes and then we worked on our stances.

When I got home I decided to do another 21 minute workout.   I’m really enjoying these workouts, especially as they don’t require any equipment and they are done fairly quickly 🙂

I have to admit that my bum is very sore from the 21 minutes of squat jumps, lunge jumps and climbers that I did on Tuesday night.  I’m hoping that I see shrinkage in that area very shortly 😉

Exercise: Karate/21 minute workout

Well that was a crap nights sleep.  Just couldn’t get comfortable and I kept on waking up, looking at the clock, falling asleep, waking up, looking at the clock.  Must have woken up at least 4 or 5 times.  Very frustrating 😡

So when the alarm went off at 6am my brain said NO WAY!  I didn’t go back to sleep but I certainly didn’t get out of bed for another half an hour or so.

Back to karate tonight.  My hips are going to be sore tomorrow.  We did alot of work on hips and gearing (karate term).

When I got home, I felt inspired to do Day 2 of my 21 minute program.  The program calls for me to do an 8/12 workout using either jump squats, lunge jumps or climbers.

I started with climbers, moved on to jump squats when I got tired, and then on to lunge jumps when I was tiring of the jump squats.  Worked well for me, and I was certainly hot and sweaty when I finished.  In total I did 63 rounds 😯

Think I’m going to sleep well tonight 😀

Exercise: 30 minute walk

OMG, OMG, OMG, I’d forgotten what DOMS felt like.  OMG, OMG, OMG!!

Well I did manage to get up this morning and go for a walk, but there was no way that I could run, the legs were just way too sore for that!

When I got home from work I had absolutely no energy to do anything apart from lay on the couch with the fan next to me.  The cooling in the house just didn’t seem to be working very well, and it was hot, hot, hot!

So no 21 minute workout 😳

Exercise: 21 Minute workout

Yes, today I started the 21 minute workout!

And tomorrow I will not be able to walk properly, due to all the squats, squat jumps and lunges that I did 😯

I am still going to get up and go for my 30  minute walk around the block, but it will probably be more walking than running!

I went and saw the Jack Reacher movie this afternoon with my bestie Michelle.  I made sure that I re-read the book a couple of weeks ago so that I knew what was really happening in the movie.    Well, what a pointless exercise that was, as the movie was so far removed from the book that I may as well have been watching an entirely different show!  And Tom Cruise…..nah, he’s just not Jack Reacher 😐

Going to be a very hot day tomorrow and I am considering going to hot yoga…….maybe not a great choice, but we shall see 🙂



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