Exercise: Gym – Circuit, intervals, skipping

I went to the gym this morning.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there and so I suspended my membership for 4 months.  Thought it was for the best.  I don’t want to actually cancel it as it’s good to have over the winter months, but through the summer I enjoy getting outside, especially when it’s warm first thing in the morning!

I have a  program (thanks Em) that I want to try out but for some reason have not actually started it yet.  It only takes 21 minutes per day, so you’d think it would be easy to just do it, but I already know that those 21 minutes are hard work.

I have to shake my head at myself sometimes as I know where I want to be with my health and fitness, but actually putting in the hard graft is what seems to be holding me back and hindering my progress!

Okay, off to bed as I have to be up early in the morning for a walk 🙂


Exercise: 30 minute run/walk

Oh my, it was a hot one!  Just as well I got up at 6am to do my walk/run/shuffle!!

I actually ran more than I walked, which I was quite happy about.  It’s been a while since I’ve run at all, probably close to 3 months now.  I need to get back into it as I don’t want to lose all my running fitness!

I’ve also got a 5km run planned for mid February, so if I can’t run the distance, I won’t be very happy!

One good thing happened……drum roll!  I’ve now got through the week chocolate free.  It’s been a struggle but I’ve done it!  Here’s to many more!

Exercise: 30 minute walk

Woohoo, that’s 2 days in a row now 🙂

No chocolate today either.   Now that’s a first!

I’ve found that if I have a ham omelette for breakfast, it fills me up until lunch time!  This is a good thing!

My intention was to walk in the morning and do some bodyweight exercises in the evening.  The evening bit hasn’t happened yet.  It will soon, I just know it!

Exercise: 30 minute walk

Hello Blog, have you missed me?

I’m sorry I’ve been  away so long but I’ve been hibernating.  I’ve let everything get away from me and it’s really brought me down!

But I’m back now.  2013 is my year.  I want to be fitter, more toned, more active, and to do that I have to be more motivated, more out there and more dedicated.

So it starts today!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I love the Dukan way of eating.  It really suits me and my lifestyle.  I mean, who can’t find a steak when dining out right!  And who can’t find Coke Zero if in need of a drink! As I”m allowed to have both, I’m happy!

Unfortunately my working environment has not really helped me in any way, shape or form.  My biggest downfall is my unhealthy addiction to all things chocolate, and being in the job that I am, it is readily available if I want it, which I do, regularly!

So I have 4 weeks until the big 50!  Yep, about to hit the top of the hill.  Then it’s a long slippery slide down the other side.  So I’m wanting to look my best (well as good as I can in 4 weeks anyway!).

For me to do this, I have to be all the things I mentioned before, all the things that take hard work and getting off my big fat arse!  You know, the things I’ve been avoiding alot lately.

I’ve taken all my measurements and my weight, and I’m hoping that in 4 weeks I will have achieved what I have set my sights on!

Stay tuned 🙂

Wow, has it been nearly 3 months since I’ve posted!  Doesn’t time fly!

So, in bullet point form, here’s what’s been happening!

  • Loving my new job.  Loved the perks of the job when I first started!  Not so much now!
  • Trailwalker done and dusted.  Completed it in just over 25 hours.  No more, all finished, got the Bandana!
  • Have put back on about 2kg….see bullet point 1!
  • Gym membership now reactivated.  Must make sure I use it more this time!
  • Only did the 10km even at Gold Coast.  1/2 marathon can wait for another day!
  • Got my running buddy back 🙂

I went and did a Crossfit introduction class this morning.  I’ve linked it to a Crossfit info page for anyone who’s interested to find out more!

Although I enjoyed it, I just can’t justify the price.  It was very expensive.  I may look at joining at a later stage, but right now I think that my karate, running and gym will keep me busy 😯

I mentioned in my last post that I had found Bikram Yoga.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve stopped going.  Not sure why as it’s one of the best things to keep me supple and stretched out, and has helped my karate form so much!  Will have to make time for it again.

Okay, this time I will keep the blog updated more regularly, although there’s probably nobody reading it anymore 😦


Yes it’s been a while.

So many things to tell you about but it would take me forever!! So in bullet point form:

1. Have lost approximately 8kg since the beginning of January by changing my diet

2. Have started a new job

3. Am about to attempt my 5th Oxfam Trialwalker

4. Have suspended my gym membership for 3 months (lack of use)

5. Have found Bikram Yoga 

6. Am now back out running (if somewhat slowly)

7. My first goal (other than finishing Trailwalker) is the Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon in July


Will update the blog more regularly now that my head is back in it’s rightful place!

Exercise: Fat Burner Class

I may have been mistaken but I actually felt like tonight’s class was a bit easier than the last couple!!

There was alot of running, at least 200 squats, lunges and other core work 😯

Then there were step ups, ski jumps and pushups using a step!

I’m hoping that I’m getting a bit fitter 😀

Exercise: Karate

I was sweating even before I put my gi on tonight. Once it was on, it got warmer!

When I heard that we were going to be sparring, I just rolled my eyes 🙄

Luckily I had to leave a little early as Alana had to get up to Guides as Hubby was working!

Only 3 weeks until my grading……aaaggghhh! 😯

Exercise: 20km Run/Walk – Templestowe (Sequences)

Finally got out for a longer walk/run in preparation for Trailwalker.

I met Shells at Blackburn Road and we ran out through Westerfolds Park before turning round at the 9km mark. We stopped running at 10km and walked back.

We were so lucky with the rain considering the fact that it poured all day yesterday and all through the night too. Not a drop at all today! It stayed overcast but that was all.

When we were walking back through Westerfolds a group of Gazelles ran past us. Gazelles are elite runners who are all skinny with long legs. These were all men! About 10 minutes later they came back towards us and who other than Craig Mottram was in the group 😀

Exercise: Spin Class

Why is it that before I get to the gym I’m all negative, tired and lethargic, yet as soon as the class starts I just want to give it my all and work really hard!

Love, love, love doing this class. The instructor plays the most uplifting and motivating music and it is exactly the right beat for cycling 😀

I am trying to get all my Christmas shopping finished before the 1st December. I have 4 days to meet that deadline 😯


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