Exercise: 30 minute walk

Hello Blog, have you missed me?

I’m sorry I’ve been  away so long but I’ve been hibernating.  I’ve let everything get away from me and it’s really brought me down!

But I’m back now.  2013 is my year.  I want to be fitter, more toned, more active, and to do that I have to be more motivated, more out there and more dedicated.

So it starts today!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I love the Dukan way of eating.  It really suits me and my lifestyle.  I mean, who can’t find a steak when dining out right!  And who can’t find Coke Zero if in need of a drink! As I”m allowed to have both, I’m happy!

Unfortunately my working environment has not really helped me in any way, shape or form.  My biggest downfall is my unhealthy addiction to all things chocolate, and being in the job that I am, it is readily available if I want it, which I do, regularly!

So I have 4 weeks until the big 50!  Yep, about to hit the top of the hill.  Then it’s a long slippery slide down the other side.  So I’m wanting to look my best (well as good as I can in 4 weeks anyway!).

For me to do this, I have to be all the things I mentioned before, all the things that take hard work and getting off my big fat arse!  You know, the things I’ve been avoiding alot lately.

I’ve taken all my measurements and my weight, and I’m hoping that in 4 weeks I will have achieved what I have set my sights on!

Stay tuned 🙂