Wow, has it been nearly 3 months since I’ve posted!  Doesn’t time fly!

So, in bullet point form, here’s what’s been happening!

  • Loving my new job.  Loved the perks of the job when I first started!  Not so much now!
  • Trailwalker done and dusted.  Completed it in just over 25 hours.  No more, all finished, got the Bandana!
  • Have put back on about 2kg….see bullet point 1!
  • Gym membership now reactivated.  Must make sure I use it more this time!
  • Only did the 10km even at Gold Coast.  1/2 marathon can wait for another day!
  • Got my running buddy back 🙂

I went and did a Crossfit introduction class this morning.  I’ve linked it to a Crossfit info page for anyone who’s interested to find out more!

Although I enjoyed it, I just can’t justify the price.  It was very expensive.  I may look at joining at a later stage, but right now I think that my karate, running and gym will keep me busy 😯

I mentioned in my last post that I had found Bikram Yoga.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve stopped going.  Not sure why as it’s one of the best things to keep me supple and stretched out, and has helped my karate form so much!  Will have to make time for it again.

Okay, this time I will keep the blog updated more regularly, although there’s probably nobody reading it anymore 😦