Exercise: Spin Class

Have had trouble walking properly the last couple of days due to the pain in my calves from doing so many squats and jumps on Wednesday night.

Doing this class certainly helped iron out a few kinks 😀

You know you’re doing a popular class when all the bikes are being used and everyone gets to the gym before it opens so that they can be at the front of the queue when the doors open to ensure they get their bum on a bike seat 😀

Saw Twilight Breaking Dawn on Thursday night. I’m not sure if my expectations were too high, but I was a little disappointed. It certainly didn’t have the same feel as the other 3 movies. Seemed so much more….um…..polished and shiny, not so raw. Don’t get me wrong, it was still enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the last one but I just felt it should have been a bit more gutsy!