Exercise: AM 7km Run – DCT (10-2’s) PM: Karate

For a change I met Michelle at the front of my work at 7am. We ran along the DCT and was back at work in time for me to have a shower and be at my desk half an hour early 😯

It’s so much easier getting out of bed just after 6am than it is trying to get out of bed at 5.30am. I think it was because it was light, it was warm, it wasn’t raining and also because I hadn’t seen Michelle for a while and I was looking forward to catching up with her 😀

Another stupidly busy day at work. Today I allocated out over 250,000 units of Fragrance to stores. That’s a lot of fragrance! But because it is Fragrance, it will just sell!

What’s everyone’s favourite perfume out there at the moment? I love the new Heidi Klum fragrance and also Beyonce Heat Rush. It’s great being able to smell all the new ones coming out. Be on the lookout for new ones by Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria. Will hit the shelves soon 😀

Karate tonight and I’ve somehow pulled a muscle on the inside of my thigh. Hurts like hell 🙄