Exercise: AM – 5km Treadmill run incl 20 mins Intervals. PM: Karate

Woohoo, another tick in the box for getting out of bed when the alarm went off!

I started my intervals at 14kph for 1 minute, followed by a 1 minute recovery walk. Oooh, the legs were not very happy about that at all 🙄
Normally I start at the slower end of my pyramid, working my way up to 14kph but I wanted to do it the hard way this morning!

I could have easily driven straight home tonight instead of going to Karate, but I need to train as I have an impending grading in December and if I don’t know my stuff, I won’t pass the grading….simple!!

Okay, anyone out there got any ideas for a Trailwalker team name? I need to register the team on the 31st October 😯