Exercise: Spin Class, Core, Skipping


So many birthdays in October 🙄

So I’ve had a bit of a meltdown! Over the last 4 days I’ve done absolutely no exercise, have worked my little fingers to the bone at my job, have eaten a vast amount of crap, both at work and at home, and have felt pretty awful during the whole sordid time 😳

I really can’t put my finger on my little blip, but I just wanted to hibernate and do absolutely nothing. I had plenty of time to exercise, plenty of time to cook and eat good healthy food, but I was just on my own little path of destruction. Surprisingly though, the one thing I didn’t do (and didn’t really feel like doing either) was drink alcohol! 😯

So last night I had a good long chat with Hubby and I now feel like I’m back in the drivers seat!

As soon as that alarm went off this morning, I jumped straight out of bed so that I didn’t do my usual trick of turning the alarm off and then laying in bed analysing how I’m feeling and whether my body could easily go back to sleep if I let it!

The spin class was of the “8 seconds sprint, 12 seconds recovery” type. A great way to wake the body up! I then grabbed the skipping rope and did about 10 minutes of good solid skipping. Then some core work to finish it all off 😀