Exercise: AM: 4km Treadmill including 20 mins intervals, core work. PM: Karate

Stupid cat has quickly become immune to the smell of my tea tree oil and citrus spray that I use around the bedroom door to keep her away at night 🙄

So I was wide awake at 5.30am thanks to her miaowing!! My alarm was actually set for 5.40am, so I suppose the thought of kicking her up the bum gave me some motivation to get out of bed 😀

Felt good on the treadmill doing intervals. I did a pyramid run, which made the time pass quite quickly. Then I jumped on the mat to do some core work (which I haven’t done for a while 😳 )

Karate tonight, and it was about learning another new kata (I’m never going to remember them all!!) and also combinations.

I must try and practice at least once a day so that they stay in the forefront of my brain and just become second nature. At the moment as soon as I start concentrating on something else, it’s gone from my brain 😳