Exercise: Bodyweight workout, Intervals

A day off yesterday saw me up early itching to do some exercise (okay so maybe not really itching, just needing to do something!!)

The gym was crowded when I walked in…..there were 2 other people in there already 😀

Started off with a 5 minute warm up on the rower, followed by the same workout that I did earlier this week.

Thought I’d do my intervals on the eliptical machine, but after 8 minutes I realised that I wasn’t working hard enough, so jumped on the treadmill instead. Yep, that certainly got me sweating 😀

I have found the library here at the place we are staying. It is huge and there are tons of books, many that I have not read. Sigh…..wish I’d found it earlier! Am about to start reading The Time Travelers Wife. Hopefully I’ll get it finished before we leave!