Exercise: Gym workout, treadmill intervals (10’s)

Back to the gym again this morning and I tried a new workout.

Supersets, repeated twice:

Dumbell Lunges
Fitball ab pikes

Dumbell bulgarian split squats
1 leg fitball leg curls

Dumbell 1 leg calf raises
Plank with arms on fitball

Fitball rollouts
Cross body mountain climbers

OMG, it sounds so simple yet I was sweating buckets when I’d finished 😯

Then I jumped on the treadmill for some intervals. I thought I’d try 1.30 intervals for a change. So much harder than 1 minute intervals. Made sure that I worked to my absolute limit, cranking it up to 14kph!

Let me tell you that when I walked out of the gym I was totally wrecked.

At least I can justify lazing in the sun for the rest of the day 😀