Exercise: 11km Run – Hollywell – Paradise Point – Runaway Bay – Hollywell (10-2’s)

Even though I wake up and the sun is shining, I still struggle to get my gear on and get out the door. I sit on the couch for a while and check blogs, check facebook, write up my own blog, pretty much do anything that will mean putting off going out and doing exercise 😳

I love the sunshine. Why can I still not feel excited about being out there, working my butt off, trying to make myself a better person, both in my mind and my eyes?? I thought that being here in Queensland with warmer weather would invigorate me, and give me the motivation I need to get my exercise (and eating) back on track. It’s still not happening!

My eating is definitely better than it was, but I am still craving chocolate, lollies and sweet things. I have curbed my bread addiction since we’ve been here, and have only had 2 slices of white toast in over a week. Am enjoying watermelon and pineapple as it’s all in season and tastes great. So does the alcohol. My brain always goes into holiday mode when we go away and I allow myself to have plenty of booze. This is something that I still need to work on!

Okay, so this morning’s run was the longest I’ve done in a while. It was wonderfully warm, with a light breeze, so the conditions were perfect. I started to get a bit weary at about the 9km mark, and the last couple of km’s were a little bit of a struggle. Still happy with the distance and the fact that I didn’t have to stop for any walking breaks apart from crossing the road 😀

Now I want to say a huge congratulations to my bestest buddy Michelle. She is the most awesome person I know. She has just completed her first 100 mile race this weekend, and she did it really well. Can you believe that, 100 miles……..just so hard to comprehend that distance! 😯