Exercise: Gym workout, eliptical intervals, laps

Yesterday was taken as a rest day 😀

Instead the family went to White Water World. Beautiful day, just relaxing in the sun!

Woke up this morning to black, ugly skies. I knew that today wasn’t going to be great as the weatherman had told me last night on the news, so I made my self comfortable at the gym instead. I had created (in my head) a full body workout, followed by 20 minutes of intervals on the eliptical machine. It’s nice to use a different piece of equipment for a change!

Then I headed off to the lap pool for some laps! The water was as warm as bath water, however the chop on the water due to the gale force winds was a little bit off putting!! I did 20 laps today 😀

Shopping this afternoon at Harbour Town 😀

I found my favourite runners (Saucony Hurricanes), this time the 12’s and they were only $100, and to make it even better, they are pink!!! 😀 😀