Exercise: Gym, Swimming

A day off from running, which meant some alternative exercise!

Found the gym at the complex we are staying at. I’m very impressed. It has everything I need (apart from a skipping rope!) to get a really good gym workout 😀

Then it was off to the lap pool. I put it off yesterday as I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to actually do laps (it’s been a long time!). But it’s like riding a bike, it just came back to me once I was in the pool.

The pool is heated to a perfect temperature, and I think I did about 15 or 16 laps. No idea how far it is as I don’t know how long the pool is, but I was suitably exhausted when I got out of the pool 😀

The rest of the day has been spent lazing by the pool in the sun.

Tonight we are heading out to Infinity. Not scared, not scared 😯