Exercise: 10km Run – Hollywell – Runaway Bay – Hollywell (10-2’s)

Sun was out and it was quite warm by the time I walked out the door for my first run of the holiday 😀

I wasn’t sure how far I was going to run, so just listened to the body! I got to 5km and decided that I’d better turn around otherwise I was going to be a bit of a wreck by the time I got back 🙄

As it was, by the 8km mark I was taking a few walk breaks as I was getting pretty tired. There was quite a strong wind, which was great to keep me cool, but was not great for running into it!

I had to lay down for a while once I was back in the apartment, which gave me an opportunity to enjoy the sun for a little while out on the lounger 😀

Thinking that I may make use of the lap pool tomorrow 😯