Exercise: 5km Run Lunchtime (Sequences), Bootcamp PM

OMG wasn’t it just the most wonderful day to get out and run 😀

I love running when the sun is shining. It is so much easier to walk out the door and run when it’s warm and sunny. Please stay around sunshine 😀

And how’s this for a coincidence. I’d literally just stepped onto the trail and had run about 800 metres when there was a tap on my back as a cyclist rode past me. I look up to see that it’s Michelle. What are the chances hey!! We both stopped and had a natter for 10 minutes or so before Michelle rode on and I carried on running 😀

Did I tell you that I love warm sunny weather 🙄

Bootcamp tonight. This is the first week of a new course. The last one was twice a week for 5 weeks. This one is the same but as I will be away for 2 weeks during the program, I was able to just pay for the classes that I will be here, which is a big win for me, and keeps me accountable right up until my holiday, and then I am straight back into it once I’m home as well.

My new bathers arrived today. I’m a bit scared to try them on though 😯