Exercise: 10km Run/Walk – Lilydale Lake (Sequences)

Had to drop Alana at school for a matinee of the musical that she is part of, and as Lilydale Lake is just around the corner, it just seemed like the right place to go for some exercise with Hubby 😀

We walked most of the first loop, running the back straight, which is about 450 metres. On the second loop we did the same thing, except I peeled off to the right when we got to the birdland area and started running. Hubby carried on walking around the lake, which made him the perfect target to aim for. I ran as fast as I could to catch up with him, and I did manage to catch up before the end of the 3rd loop 😀

Looking back at the garmin stats I even managed a sub 6 minute km…..WOOHOO!!!