Exercise: Bootcamp Day 1

Think my shoulders are going to hurt tomorrow 😯 Haven’t done much intense weight exercises in a long time!

I’m so glad that TW Michelle has signed up for this bootcamp as well. Nothing like motivation in numbers 😀

There were 8 of us in the class. I think we are all of a similar fitness.

I realise now that I hate burpees. I mean really detest them. I’d rather do 15 minutes of skipping rather than 1 minute of burpees.

Did I tell you that I seem to have somehow gained a rash under each of my armpits and I’ve been scratching my head (and this stupid rash!!) to figure out what it is that is not agreeing with my skin. I think I worked it out today. I had on a white long sleeved top and the armpits were itchy as hell at work today. It dawned on me that I’ve started using this Vanish liquid that I put in my white washing load and I think this maybe causing the problem. Will have to wash all my white tops again without the Vanish liquid this time to see if it makes a difference!

Tired now. Goodnight!