Exercise: Spin Class, Abs Class

I am making a concerted effort to do some kind of exercise every day this week, starting today 😀

I’d forgotten that the spin class is actually a sprint class, so it was flat out right from the word GO! 😯

Luckily it’s only a 30 minute class, which is followed by a 30 minute Abs class. I think my abs are going to be sore tomorrow 😯

Went and saw the Doctor, who had my test results back from the lung function test. My lungs are good as gold and I do not have Asthma. So what next you ask??

As I haven’t actually done any early morning running since I went and saw the Doctor, so need to create the same environment where it hurt to breathe deeply, and then take some ventalin to see if it makes any difference. This will happen on Wednesday when I meet Michelle for a run 😀

Then, if there is no improvement, I will be referred for a stress test!