Exercise: 6km Run – Treadmill (10’s)


My original intention was to walk over to Michelle’s place this morning to pick up my car (I’d driven it over there yesterday and left it there as Mark drove us to the football and then dropped me off home on the way back).

I got out of bed this morning, got myself all ready to start walking, looked out the window and changed my mind. It looked like rain 😦

So instead I went to the gym with the thought in my head that I’d just do some slow jogging on the treadmill to stretch out the legs, which were getting tighter and more painful by the minute, more so my quads than anything else 😯

Instead I ended up running at 10.5kph for 3.5km (that’s pretty fast for me!) and then doing intervals. What was I thinking! Felt okay at the time, but as I sit here now, every time I move I am reminded that I did a body pump class yesterday 🙄