Exercise: Body Pump Class

I haven’t done Body Pump for a very long time. Deep in the back of my mind I was remembering the pain of what doing a workout you haven’t done for a long time felt like 😯

I really enjoyed the class, meeting up TW Michelle beforehand so that I didn’t have to walk in on my own (silly I know!!). I made sure that I didn’t use any heavy weights on the barbell, once again trying to control the amount of DOMS that I might feel later on!

After the gym it was off to the Footy with Mark and Michelle (best friend) to see Essendon play North Melbourne. I was invited to The Medallion Room at Etihad, so got to eat lunch beforehand in The Grill Restaurant, with a birds eye view of the ground, although we did venture outside to watch most of the game 😀

Not a great result for the Bombers, but had a great time, with lovely company 😀