Exercise: 6km Lunchtime Run (Sequences): Evening: Karate

It was such a fantastic day today. The weather was perfect

Michelle came and met me at work and we ran along the DCT. Even though it was fairly windy, the trail was protected, which made it easy to run.

I’m still struggling with breathing and was feeling all tight within about 1 minute of starting out. It only really calmed down once we’d got to the turnaround point. We stopped for a couple of minutes before heading back to work and it felt much easier to breathe once we were on the way back 😀

Then it was off to Karate tonight. I think that I need to practice at home. I’m finding that I am not remembering alot of things that I get taught and by doing stuff at home, it might sink in better 🙄

Work wise, I am totally up to date at the moment. Am just starting to work on purchasing for Fathers Day!! I love smelling all the new fragrances before they hit the market. It’s a great perk 😀