Exercise: 5km Run – Local Streets (10’s)

Listening to the weather this morning before work, it mentioned showers, so I decided that a lunch time run was out. Instead I would go to the gym when hubby got home from work.

As I got home a bit earlier than planned (worked through lunch, raced over to Eastland as I had to return some clothes) and I wanted to watch the new series of Offspring, I thought that I’d do a run around the block. This also involved convincing Alana that it would be good for her to join me 🙄

Once again the Garmin let me down. It showed 85% but within about 1km it was dead flat 😡

The run was slow, and there was walking involved, but if this is what’s needed to get Alana out running with me regularly, I’m willing to persevere 😀