Exercise: 4km Mothers Day Classic Run (Sequences)

Alana was adament that she wanted to do this run, and no amount of trying to talk her out of it made her change her mind 🙄

So along with a work colleague, we jumped on the 7am train into town this morning. It was chilly!

We arrived with only about 15 minutes to get to the start line as the train was late, so we literally ran to the start line and just kept running as the gun had already gone and most people had already started. The good thing about this was that it wasn’t crowded or congested at all 😀

I wasn’t sure how my foot was going to hold up given that it had been very bruised and sore all week due to my karate incident!! I had even forsaken my high heels all week as I couldn’t put any pressure on the toe! Happily, there was no pain at all while running 😀

It didn’t take long to see the finish line and Alana and I had a sprint finish!

We walked back down to the area where all the medals and showbags were. We wandered around the sponsor tents, bought a pair of Brooks sunglasses and then wandered back over to the train station!

I bought a coffee at the station. Could not believe the size of the cups now. I bought a large one, which was huge, but the grande was absolutely massive. Who drinks that amount of coffee in one go????? 😯