Exercise: 18.1km Walk/Run – Home/Montrose/Home (Sequences)

I haven’t actually seen TW Michelle since Trailwalker, so it was great to catch up with her this morning for a “walk”.

Walking out the door, I was very surprised to see that it was foggy. No big deal considering I was well rugged up for cold weather.

Of course it didn’t take me long to peel off the gloves and the neck warmer as I got way too hot!

We walked for about the first 7 or 8km, before deciding that we would add some running to the mix. Specifically we would run the downhills and flats 😀

There was a fair bit of walking still as the course we were doing has quite a few hilly sections, but also quite a few downhill bits too.

Michelle pointed out some very pretty mushrooms/toadstools (no idea but we thought it best to just leave them alone!!)

I’m loving this long weekend. And there’s still another day to go 😀

So I’m all out of easter eggs and hot cross buns, and that’s the way I’d like it to stay.

Back on the straight and narrow. Back to eating some healthier food, including some fruit and vegetables back into the mix!!

I’m looking at entering a couple of races a bit further down the track as long as I can keep up a steady training regime! Let’s see how it goes 😀