Exercise: Upper body weights, 3km Intervals – Treadmill, 12 mins Skipping

Feeling so much better now 😀

I thought that the gym would be quiet this morning, but I was mistaken. There was a class full of women doing something (wasn’t watching very closely!).

Was hoping to use the weights area but there were quite a few women with PT’s so I used the machines instead. Then I hopped on to the treadmill to see how the body held up doing some intervals. Felt good 😀

As I’d added some more songs to my skipping playlist, I thought I’d try a couple of them out. They had the perfect beat for skipping. These are the 3 songs I listened to:

I did something stupid today. I ventured down to Chirnside Park Shopping Centre. Bad decision!! OMG, how many people were there! Way too many for my liking, that’s for sure. I eventually found a parking spot, raced in and grabbed some easter eggs and a bit of shopping and then raced back out again!! Next year, I will NOT make the same mistake again. I will buy my easter eggs early and then hide them so that they are out of sight!!