Exercise: 5.2km Run/Walk – Local Streets (Trigons)

Oh how I love Easter 😀

Hubby walked in the door at 7am carrying freshly made hot cross buns from one of the only bakeries that must have been open this morning, and boy were they good!!

So to counteract some of the calorie intake, I went out for a run around the block.

I have to be honest and say that it hasn’t been easy running. My chest feels very tight and I struggle to breathe without it hurting, but I know that this is just because I haven’t run for a long time and it will get better the more I run.

And as my Garmin was properly charged this time, I now have a benchmark to work with 😀

My goal is to increase the distance of my runs each week (trying to be smart and follow the 10% rule!!) so that within 3 months I should be able to run roughly 20km comfortably. That’s the plan anyway!!