Exercise: 3km Run – Treadmill, 10 Mins Skipping (Sequences)

Hello everyone, did you miss me? 😀

I’ve been sick. Really sick. So sick that I haven’t been able to exercise for 2 weeks. I can’t remember the last time I was that sick! I’ve just come out the other side. Still a little bit snotty, but I now have energy to actually get my ever widening butt down to the gym!!

Being sick has also meant that all my good eating habits have gone out the window 😳

Back to basics for me. Lots of water, which I haven’t felt like drinking at all since I’ve been sick. Coffee has been a staple part of my day. Lots of coffee!! Time to reduce that too.

Cut back on the sweet stuff, easter eggs especially. No more white bread. Being sick has made white bread very appealing!

Luckily I haven’t had a huge appetite, so even though I’ve been eating fairly badly, I haven’t been eating lots of food, so weight wise it hasn’t really changed. Just means that I have lost pretty much all the toning that had I had started to achieve 😦

Sitting here tonight, I am not sure what I’ve done but I have a sore right hip. Am hoping that this is just a minor blip and when I wake up tomorrow, all will be good 😀