Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill

Another Saturday morning at the gym. Seems to be a regular occurance at the moment!!

I’m not sure why, but the treadmill was calling my name again. I think that the thought of losing all my running fitness has me scared, I’m out to get back some of it 🙄

So how to get through 5km on a treadmill without my head falling off from boredom 😀

The first km was just a warm up, so a casual 9.5km to start. Then I bumped it up to 10.5km (nothing like the 10% rule in my book!). Each minute I reduced it back by a 10th, so 10.5 then 10.4, 10.3 etc. I got back to 9.5 before that got pretty boring. So what next? Oh yes, my favourite, intervals!! I started at 11kph for 1.5 minutes with a 1 minute walk break to bring the heart rate down. Got up to 13kph before I got to 5km. I think all up it took about 32 minutes.

So my aim is to bring that time back down to under 30 minutes (which is a 6min pace!). Should be achievable right 😀