Exercise: Weights, Skipping

Woohoo, another early morning workout 😀

I used the weight machines this morning as I felt like a change! The machine area was also empty, which made the decision to use them very easy 🙄

As I haven’t done any skipping for a while (apart from warming up at Karate) I thought this might be a good idea to get the heart rate up. It also gave me the chance to use the playlist that I’d created specifically for skipping. Some really upbeat tracks are on this playlist that mean skipping slowly is not an option 😯

I’m not sure exactly how long I skipped, but it was probably about 15 minutes, taking into account about 1 minute break inbetween tracks to have a drink and get my breath back 😀 Have I told you how much I love skipping! It felt so easy too. Might have to you tube some routines to make it a bit harder!!

7 days to Trailwalker…….aaaggghhhhh!