Exercise: Karate

Kata, kata, kata. The whole class was about doing all the Pinan katas. I have forgotten all of them except the one I’m supposed to learn so that I can grade, so it was both frustrating and enjoyable at the same time trying to remember them 😀

My sore throat is hanging in there, still undecided as to whether it is going to turn into a full on cold, or is going to shrivel up and go away 🙄

Only 8 sleeps to go until Trailwalker. Suppose I’d better start making a list of things I will need. Each year my list keeps getting smaller as I find out what is easiest to eat during the walk. This year it will probably consist of the following:

Jam sandwiches
Glucose Jelly Beans
Cup a Soup at Silvan
Egg & Bacon Sandwich at Woori Yallock
Champagne at finish line 😀