Exercise: Karate

It was hard work tonight. Lots of pulsing tonight, and my shins really felt it! Then lots of floor work, learning some new stuff, not specifically karate based, but still useful and a good workout! I think my abs might be feeling it tomorrow 😯

I had a bit of a binge today. It was a work colleagues birthday and there was alot of food on offer. I just couldn’t say no to home made Rocky Road, Lemon Meringue Pie, Mars Bar Slice, vanilla Slice, Cheese & Bacon Balls, Cheesecake. The list goes on! Like I said, ALOT of food on offer 😳

I wish this sore throat would either go away or come out into a full blown cold. At least then I could either get on with everything or get over the cold. This inbetween is doing my head in 🙄