Exercise: 30km Walk – Mt Evelyn – Woori Yallock – Mt Evelyn (Ravens)

An early start this morning as we thought it would be better to start early enough that we still had the afternoon free.

I picked TW Michelle up on the way through to Mt Evelyn and met Sara and our new Funbagger Vic there. It was still dark, which was a bit of a surprise, but it didn’t take long for the sun to come up!

We started off slowly, ambling along and enjoying the company. I love a good laugh and there were plenty of those 😀

It felt like no time at all before we reached Woori Yallock, where we stopped and had something to eat. It was also here that Sara gave us a fashion parade with her new skins!

TW Training

TW Training

We found that there was alot of bicycle traffic on the trail today, including the group who were doing some kind of bike race!! Lots of bell ringing and “passing” going on 😀

Sara just happened to mention that on all the walks we’ve done, we have not encountered a snake. Lo and behold, half an hour later a black snake slithers lazily across the trail right in front of us!!

We also enjoyed a casual 1km jog back down the hill after Wandin. It was great to use a few different muscle groups after 25km of walking!

Am I being too confident by saying that today’s walk felt relatively easy 😯