Exercise: Karate

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to Karate tonight as my head was pounding at work this afternoon and my throat was starting to constrict 😯

Luckily the Adviil I took did the trick, although the sore throat is still there!

Tonight’s karate session was all about stance, and getting it right. Then we were buffeting each other with pads, trying to make sure that we were still grounded with our stance. Lots of sweating happening!

I went and saw the queen of pain tonight for a massage. I haven’t had a massage for ages and my muscles certainly felt much looser once Corrie had finished 😀

Hubby and I are going to a club tomorrow night to see Leftfield. Hubby is a fan and asked if I’d like to go too. I love anything that’s got bass and you can dance to. Just might not be able to hear too well on Saturday morning 😀