Exercise: Karate

OMG, my calves are so sore from last night’s training. Had a bit of trouble getting out of bed, that’s for sure!!

Got to Karate tonight only to find out that we are going to be sparring 😯

Warmed up by skipping (which I love doing!!), then it was straight into the sparring. Luckily I was with a brown belt girl who was very slow 😀

All the punching was done at close range, with a skipping rope tied between us so that we didn’t move too far away from each other.

Then we did 2 on one 😯

I was then paired with two black belts………aaaaggghhhh!! And there was grappling involved too!

By the end of the class I was was a sweaty, exhausted mess 😀

Off to Gold Class now to see The Adjustment Factor