Exercise: Weights, 3km Treadmill Intervals

I had a headache when I got out of bed this morning so I had to take some Advil before I could get myself down to the gym. I also got to catch up with Hubby, as he’d just walked in the door from a night shift 😀

The gym was busy but luckily most of the women were either in the spin class or the bodypump class, which meant that the weights area was empty 😀

I was hoping that there would be a break in between aerobic classes so that I could use the room to do some skipping, but, alas, another class started as soon as the bodypump had finished 😦 So my new skipping playlist on my ipod will have to wait for another day before I can test if the music is the right beat for skipping!

I took Alana up to her school to organise her winter uniform. $400 later and she is now fully decked out for the winter 😯

I need to hide my eyelash curler. Somehow it keeps making it’s way into Alana’s bathroom. I just hope that she stays way too small to fit into my clothes 😯