Exercise: 3km Run – Track (Sequences)

I met TW Michelle at the track tonight to try the beep test again!

It was very crowded at the track, with lots of kids training. It meant that we had to keep to one area of the track that wasn’t being used, which wasn’t really a problem as we were only running for 20 metres before turning around.

The first attempt – FAIL! I only got to 4.6 😳

Second attempt – FAIL! This time I got to 5.4 😳

Third attempt – FAIL! A bit better though with 6.2

Also did some laps up and down one side of the track but to be honest I am struggling a little bit with a sore hamstring. Nothing too bad, but it’s pulling slightly so I didn’t want to aggravate it too much.

The bike was calling my name when I got home but I was just too tired to do more than wave at it 🙄