Exercise: 30 Mins Bike, Weights (Home)

I’ve been badgering Hubby to get the stationary bike out of the garage and put it on the deck so that I can use it at times when I can’t get to the gym, or I have a spare 30 mins to do a quick workout.

So this morning he got the bike out for me as I’d requested. He carted it up the stairs and placed it on the deck as I’d asked this morning. The intention was just to turn the legs over as they were pretty sore.

Of course, by the time I got home tonight, after a full day at work, I was tired and my muscles were pretty stiff and sore from sitting down for most of the day. I certainly did not have the energy or the motivation to get on a bike for 30 minutes…..BUT….because Hubby had carted the bike up the deck for me, as I’d nagged him for ages, I couldn’t very well not sit on that damn bike tonight could I 🙄

I did manage 30 minutes, and to be very honest, it was quite pleasant sitting outside, with a gentle breeze blowing on my face 😀

I even had a bit of energy left to do a small weight workout as well!!

And did I mention that I slammed my forehead into a low tree branch yesterday….no, I didn’t think so 😳