Exercise: 50km Walk – Dromana – Cape Schank – Dromana (Supernova’s)

Went to bed last night with the rain beating down on the roof. Woke up this morning and could still hear it raining outside L

Picked TW Michelle up on the way through to meeting Sara at Dromana.

It dawned on me that my 6am gym visits have been few and far between because I was surprised to see that the sun is not rising until 6.30am now!! Last time I’d peeked my nose out of the front door at 6am it was just starting to get light 😳

So the start of the walk was in rain. It was misty and cool, but of course it didn’t take long to warm up once we hit Arthurs Seat. I have to admit that it’s much easier to walk Arthurs Seat than it is to run it!! Memories of the Two Bays Trail Run that I did with Michelle 3 years ago came to mind as I puffed and panted my way up those steps!!

We walked continuously for about 20km before stopping and having a 10 minute break, taking in the views of the Mornington Peninsula. Between the 3 of us, we had enough food to feed an army, and there was no fear any of us was going to starve 🙄

We made it to Cape Schank in good time, enjoying some lunch and a stretch when we got there. Unfortunately the kiosk was closed, which was devastating as Coffee was high on the agenda of things we wanted to get at said kiosk!!

Rather than turning around and going back the way we’d come, it was decided that we’d walk back to the cars via the main roads.

Sara found a walking trail on a map that was available from the closed kiosk (how nice that they can still have maps available but not coffee!!). The trail was parallel to the main road, which meant that we didn’t have to walk into oncoming traffic along the verge!

We found the trail easily and enjoyed the relative quiet of what felt like countryside. When we’d originally looked at the map, it showed that this trail would only go for about 5km before joining back up to the main road.

I tell you, those 5km felt more like 15km 😯

The trail seemed to go on for ever and ever and there were parts where I was sure people had never been before. There was also a horrible fear in the back of my mind that we were going to stand on snakes. This part I did not mention aloud, as I didn’t want to scare the girls!

We finally hit the road again, and this took us back to civilisation and a footpath!! Oh how happy was I to walk on a footpath rather than a small verge with cars whizzing by at 100kph 😀

A quick pit stop at a little café, where I had to use the loos, and buy a diet coke to give myself some energy to walk the last stretch back to the cars.

There are some beautiful houses along the beach road from Rosebud to Dromana. I had to concentrate on something other than how sore my feet were!!

What a joyous occasion it was to see the flags of the information centre. I could not wait to sit in the car, just to be off my feet!

This will be our longest walk, so from now on we will be tapering. Our next walk will only be around 30km 😯

Only 4 more weeks until the day and we still haven’t hit the required $1,000 minimum fundraising.

If you’d like to help us out, here’s the link.