Exercise: Weights, 4km Treadmill intervals

Back to the gym again this morning. Can’t believe it’s been a week since I was there 😯

The weights area was fairly congested so I decided to do a circuit of the machines instead. Started off with lat pull downs and sitting pull back rows (not sure what all the moves are called!!). Then did chest presses and shoulder presses. Next was back extensions with tricep push downs! Finally completed with hamstring curls and quad lifts (you know those 2 machines where you stick your legs around a big cylinder foam pad thing!!).

I also did 3 sets of squats with a 20kg barbell……OMG, I have just realised that I’m doing a long walk tomorrow!!!

Hmmm, maybe I overdid it a little bit!

So I then jumped on the treadmill and did 4km of intervals. It was hard work and I couldn’t run faster than 12.5kph. Must have been because of the running yesterday 🙄

Okay, off to bed now as I have to be up early tomorrow!