Exercise: 4.75km – Track (10’s)

I’d organised earlier in the week to meet TW Michelle at the track as she needs to practice doing the beep test for a fitness test she has coming up.

Now I’ve never done a beep test so was quite keen to do it.

I’d also spoken to Michelle earlier this week and was looking to run with her, so I thought, ha, what about if Michelle comes down to the track as well, I can kill 2 birds with one stone 😀

So the beep test! I got to about 5.6 I think before I had to stop and catch my breath. TW Michelle also had to stop for a bit, but started again. Of course mighty Michelle completed the whole thing up to 6.10!! She just goes and goes! 😀

We then ran some laps around the track.

It was really noticeable that I haven’t done any decent running lately. I wouldn’t say that I struggled, but it certainly wasn’t easy!

One thing though. It’s made me hungry to run again 😀