Exercise: 30km Walk – Eastlink Trail (Supernovas)

OMG I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to write this walk up!

So, from what I remember the day went like this!

Met TW Michelle at 7.30am and we walked up to the Mullum Mullum trail, which carried on to the Eastlink trail. The path was fairly busy as it was a lovely morning. Walking past the creek, we could see how high it had got with the torrential rains of the previous week. There was debris everywhere!

Got to the 15km point, stopped and had something to eat and then turned around and headed back the way we’d come!

How different a 30km flat walk is compared to a 30km hilly walk! I certainly didn’t need 2 litres of water plus a bottle of Staminade. I also didn’t need to take as much food as I did, which would have made my rucksack a whole lot lighter!

We were home by 1.30pm so I had the whole afternoon to do things! Shopping 😀