Exercise: 44km Walk – Jells Park to Lysterfield Lake & return (Ravens)

As today was going to be a warm one, it was decided that the earlier the start, the better!

It was just Sara and myself today as TW Michelle is travelling for work at the moment and Berny is still awaiting the outcome of her physio appointment on Monday to see if she can start training yet!

It was already 20 degrees at 6am and we started off at a brisk walk. That brisk walk continued all the way to Lysterfield, even taking into account the hills that we had to walk up. That was mistake number 1 🙄

As I still had water in my water bladder, I didn’t fill it up any more before we left Lysterfield as I thought I’d make it to the toilets that had a tap. That was mistake number 2!

It was hot walking back to Jells Park. It was damn hot! I started to struggle a bit as we got to Churchill Park. Luckily there was a tap there so I was able to put more water in my bladder. Stupidly I didn’t fill it right up as I didn’t want to carry the weight. Yep, you guessed it, stupid mistake number 3 🙄

I ran out of water with about 4km to go. My mouth got very dry and started to swell. Not a good feel at all!! My feet were so tired and starting to get sore from walking on concrete. I couldn’t really concentrate on anything apart from getting into Jells Park to find the nearest toilet or bubbler so that I could drink some water!

How good did that water taste when we found a bubbler. OMG it was divine! Unfortunately we were still about 1.5km away from the cars and it was a very slow trudge back. The last incline that goes up to the Cafe felt like it was never going to end and I had to have a couple of little stops as I thought I was going to be sick!

The joy of getting back to the cars is almost indescribable. I had frozen a bottle of Staminade and put it in a cooler with some ice blocks so that I had something cold to drink when I got back and it tasted like pure gold 😀

Another lifesaver was the litre bottle of frozen powerade that Sara had brought with her. It had thawed to the point of being like a slushy when we both needed a pep up and it certainly made me feel so much better once I’d had a drink. Unfortunately that too ran out long before we were near the cars :0(

Here we are at the start of the walk. The sun was just coming up

And this was just after we’d walked up the effing hill heading back to Churchill National Park. Sorry for including half of the post but it was pretty windy up there and the wind moved the camera just as it was taking a photo 🙄

This was some of the erosion at Churchill National Park due to the storm that we had a few weeks ago!