Exercise: Karate

Happy Birthday to my big Brother!!

Sadly my run with Michelle didn’t happen due to unforseen circumstances, but I’ve rescheduled for tomorrow instead 😀

However, Karate did happen tonight!! I have a massive bruise on my right hand now where I punched a girl and she blocked my punch with her elbow. I fear it’s going to get bigger and it’s going to hurt more tomorrow! Ah, the joys of doing something you really enjoy!

I also made some Mississippi Mud Slice last night and took it to work today to keep the Oxfam fundraising kitty ticking over. I had to sit there and smell all this chocolatey yumminess and not eat any myself!! I can tell you that it was very hard to do, and I mean VERY hard! 😦

And while on the subject of fundraising……here’s the link, or just click on the big Oxfam picture at the top of the page.