Exercise: 7km Run/Walk – Treadmill (Sequences)

OMG, I went to the gym on a public holiday!!! Will wonders never cease 😀

My original plan was to walk over to my parents house as my Dad needed to borrow a mobile phone as his has gone kaput, so I thought I’d walk over with it.

Of course my plans changed when I woke up. I felt the urge to run and I thought a controlled environment would be a better option than trying to run over to my parents house and then back again, especially as I haven’t done any decent running in god only knows how long 😯

I started off just doing a comfortable 5km at 9.5kph, then for the next km I started at 10.5kph and bumped it up by .1kph every minute. For the last km I did intervals, starting at 13kph for 1 minute, walking for 1 minute, then doing the next interval at 12.5kph etc etc.

It was fun and I felt like I got a great workout!

I’m looking forward to having a run with Michelle tomorrow lunch time. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Michelle and even longer since we’ve run together!